Gender: Male
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Magickal association: Banishing negative energy & nightmares, strength, luck.

This beautiful flower comes from a family of 33 species, native to Europe, China & North America. The Peony is frequently depicted in Chinese art, with Peacocks & Lions, usually decorating Palace walls. The name Peony derives from the mythical "Paeon", who was the physician to many Greek Gods, & more importantly, the God of healing "Leto". Apollo's mother gave him the Peony, where he used it to heal the wounds of Pluto, who was God of the Underworld, & also to Ares, the God of War, as described in Homers Iliad. It has also been known as the Kings Flower & has been recorded as far back as 320BC. The Greeks regarded this as a sacred flower, with power to keep evil spirits at bay. In other instances, threading the seeds into a necklace was said to ward of evil. The roots were dried & carved into amulets during Pagan times, but when Christianity arrived it was carved into beads, & given as rosaries…During the Middle ages, if a person was suspected of lunacy, they were laid down & covered in Peony flowers, which apparently restored normalcy.

Herbal Uses
Since Dioscorides & Theophrastus peony has given for nightmares, hysteria, & pains of the womb. Dried Peony root was/is given to women to dispel the placenta. Peony stimulates the uterine muscles & will aid contractions in childbirth & expulsion of the placenta. It has also been used for Kidney, Liver & Gall bladder stones. By relieving stasis of blood, it can be effective for varicose veins, & haemorrhoids. As a tonic for the nervous system, it can help with twitches, spasm, and epilepsy. The roots are also anti-inflammatory, anti viral, & antic-bacterial.

Magickal Use
Use of the Peony can come in 2 forms, the flower itself & the root. The flower is beautiful & has the ability to lift the mood of a sad person. Putting Peony on the altar can assist when working with sun/fire energies. Meditating on the peony will put you in touch with the lucky side of you. Try meditating on Peony & recall any numbers & use those for your next lottery draw. Give Peony flowers to a person who is easily frightened or prone to depression. Peony essence is an excellent healing remedy those with PMS. Make a `lucky' charm from the root, worn around the neck as an amulet or placed inside your bag or wallet. When making dream catchers add some Peony root to them.


Peony-Plant of Healing.

Happy Life and Prosperity.
It is believed that Peony is named after Paeon (also known as Paean), who was a healing deity who had healed Hades and Ares wounds.

The flower myth related, says that Paeon was a student of Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing. He was once instructed by Leto (Apollo's mother and goddess of fertility) to obtain a magical root growing on Mount Olympus that would soothe the pain of women in childbirth. Asclepius became jealous and threatened to kill his pupil.

Zeus saved Paeon from the wrath of Asclepius by turning him into the peony flower. However, peony seeds were actually used by pregnant women in ancient times.

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